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Scriptural-Based Counseling

Compassionate Guidance for Everyone

At times, we all face challenges that require guidance, understanding, and a compassionate ear. Our church offers scriptural-based counseling as a ministry to the community. You don’t need to be a member of our congregation to seek this support, and there is no cost involved. We are here to serve anyone in need of counsel, grounded in the timeless wisdom of the Scriptures.

Our Counselor: Pastor Robbie

Pastor Robbie provides counseling anchored in the teachings of the Bible. His approach is one of compassion and understanding, aimed at helping individuals navigate life’s complexities with spiritual insights. Whether you’re facing personal, family, or spiritual issues, Pastor Robbie is here to offer support and scriptural wisdom.

We respect the need for comfort and trust in counseling situations. For women who might prefer speaking with another woman, ReBecca, Pastor Robbie’s wife, offers her counsel when appropriate. This ensures a comfortable and respectful environment for everyone seeking guidance.

Our Counseling Approach

Our counseling services are based on Biblical principles, focusing on addressing both immediate concerns and nurturing spiritual growth. We aim to provide insights and direction that resonate with faith-based values and help individuals find solace and answers through the teachings of the Bible.

Available to All, at No Cost

This counseling service is part of our ministry and commitment to the community. It’s available to everyone, regardless of church membership, and is offered at no cost. We believe in supporting each other and providing a helping hand, especially in times of need.

Schedule a Session

If you’re looking for counseling, or if there’s something on your heart you wish to discuss, Pastor Robbie is here to help. To schedule a confidential counseling session, please visit our church’s contact page. Remember, you are not alone, and we are here to provide a caring, respectful, and faith-centered counseling experience.