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Missions and Outreach

Established in 2020: Our Journey Begins
Founded in 2020, Arlington Baptist Church was started as a new church plant initially nurtured by a supportive network of like-minded churches, from their support we have grown in spirit and purpose. In 2023, this growth allowed us to achieve a pivotal goal: supporting our first missionary. This milestone is has allowed us to pivot — from receiving support to extending it globally. 

Meet Our Missionaries:

The pages below allow you to contact and stay up to date with our missionaries. Gain an intimate understanding of our missionaries’ work through their updates. Their newsletter updates and experiences from the field allow you to connect with their missions, understanding the challenges they face and the significant impact they are achieving.

Staying informed about their endeavors not only keeps their needs in your prayers but also provides an opportunity to send them words of encouragement and support. 

Marty and Logan Michelle Roembke

White Earth Reservation in Northwest Minnesota